Additional products

Interaxo is a market-leading solution in document management, traceable communication and flexible processes. We have been in the industry for almost 20 years, and over the years we have developed a tool that has become the market’s leading collaboration solution for construction projects.

The additional products we have developed for Interaxo can help you solve many of the challenges you face in your daily work – increasing the chances of success of your projects and allowing you to continue making new advances.

Interaxo export

Once your project has been completed, it’s time to export the project room and associated data. Tribia has a solution that allows you to export all the content in a readable format that can be saved or integrated into other solutions. The information can be exported to a USB stick, an external hard drive or the company’s FTP server. The entire folder structure, including all folders, metadata, information and member lists, will be included. The export can also be based on access control and be used by different parties.

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Interaxo API

Make the most of the possibilities offered by our API – connect your solutions to Interaxo to streamline your work! Thousands of customers use Interaxo daily for secure sharing and control of documents, drawings and models. With the Interaxo API, system owners can integrate and customise automated processes for their customers and simplify their work. Examples of integrations include collecting data from web forms, access to drawings and models from mobile field tools and continuous archiving of information.

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Outlook 2 web

If you’ve ever tried moving email and attachments directly from Outlook to a web-based application, you’ve probably realised it’s not easy. This is because the files have to be downloaded to a file server before they can be dragged to the web application. They then have to be manually deleted from the file server. The Outlook2Web plug-in will do this in one quick and easy process. All you need to do is to install the plug-in. After that you can drag emails and attachments directly from Outlook to Interaxo.

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