Active folders

Active folders with and without workflow is one of the main reasons many of Norway’s and Sweden’s largest building owners and contractors in the public sector choose Interaxo for their projects. Active folders give the project manager a good overview by linking additional information to documents and cases.


Custom-defined fields

When working with active folders, custom-defined fields (metadata) can be added. Anyone with access to the project structure in Interaxo can easily sort, group and filter content to make it easier to find documents and cases.

You choose which additional information/metadata to link to a particular file or case. Interaxo also supports the generation of file names and numbering of documents, based on the customer’s own code manuals.



saker og oppgaver_2-2


The active folders create items that appear in a list view. An item is basically a card that contains additional information that is customised for the purpose/content. There is also a box in which you can choose to attach one or more files.

The item also has a separate log in which you can easily track everything related to the file or case, as well as a comment field for smooth communication.