Access control

Interaxo has a user-friendly, flexible feature for access control that is easy for a designated administrator user to administer. Every project room can have its own unique folder structure, with its own member management and support for a large number of members with different rights and roles.

enkel tilgangskontroll

Easy access control

Interaxo stores access control as part of a template for a project room, so the rights are predefined when new projects are created. This does of course require the rights to be defined for all member groups, e.g. based on industry affiliation or project role.

In Interaxo, rights can be defined for individual users or member groups. However, we recommend always using member groups when administering access control.


Different levels

To administer access control, you must be an administrator. Access control is administered in a folder structure by right-clicking on selected folders, steps, items or files. A group can be granted access at four different levels. The access levels are predefined in Interaxo. To select the access level, simply check the access rights you want to assign to the user:

  • The «Read» access level only allows the group to read/view documents, i.e. the group is assigned the role of observer.
  • The «Edit» access level allows the group to edit documents and content that other groups or users have uploaded or created.
  • The «Delete» access level allows the group to delete content, whether the group or someone else has uploaded it. An administrator can also remove a group’s access for a particular folder or document. A group that doesn’t have access/rights cannot see the content of their interface.

Roles and groups

The customer’s administrator user can invite and add users to the right group. It is of course possible to add a single user to multiple member groups at the same time.

The administrator can add one user at a time or import a list from Excel with multiple users at once.