Building Lifecycle Management

Create your own digital twin in our BIM Collaboration solution

Use our BIM Collaboration solution that supports continuous collection of documentation and data linked to the objects in the BIM model.

BLM figur

Get access to geometry, BIM data and associated documents throughout the project lifecycle

Building Lifecycle Management (BLM) is a practice for designing, constructing and operating a facility with a simple set of interoperable data.

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Our solutions Interaxo, Bimeye and Unizite is included in our BIM-collaboration solution

BIM collaboration enables all participants to collaborate, share and communicate project data (including BIM data) through all phases of the project where all information is updated and available in the cloud.

Digital twins bring smarter management and operation

Through our powerful tools, you collect and create the digital twin and the digital representation of the finished building. BIM data, geometry and related documents in the digital twin are transferred to our sister company's management solutions.

In their comprehensive IWMS solutions, all information is stored correctly and is available to all stakeholders at any time. This provides better conditions for a more profitable operation during the project, from planning and building plans to the purchase of materials, construction, renovation, operation and maintenance and finally demolition of the building.