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Developed through years of collaboration within the building industry

Bimeye is a cloud-based BIM data management solution that brings speed and quality to your construction projects, from idea, through design process, production and for handover to facility management. Through close relations with architects, engineers and contractors we have discovered the need for transparency and close collaboration and the Bimeye concept is designed to meet the needs for cloud services.




Functional programming in early phases. Define and plan your project functions and communicate them to your project members.

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Let the designers sync their models directly from Revit, and Archicad or from any other software using IFC.



Benefit from easy access to quality assured BIM-data accessible on site.


Facility Management

Integrate BIM data to your Facility Management with Bimeye.

This is how Bimeye works


This is what Bimeye includes: 

  • One central repository for BIM data
  • BIM-data accessible for all project members
  • Support for different roles and user right
  • No need for the original BIM software
  • Work with data from many BIM models,
    (from different BIM software with bi-directional 1:1 sync)
  • Integrate BIM data to other systems (FM, ERP, Calculation)
  • Quality assurance of BIM data
Bimeye slussen

"Today we work with one of Norway's smartest buildings where we use the tools Bimeye and Interaxo to offer Digital Asset Management as a Service. The service, A digital information management, means that we take advantage of the information structure BIM provides. In the project we collect O&M documentation via Interaxo and with the help of Bimeye, we connect it with BIM."

Linus Malm Digitazation strategist and innovation leader, Tyréns AB

"The working method has proven to be very successful and the estimated time for the work effort is significantly lower, compared with the budgeted time. It is estimated that the project would take about 200 hours. This included training Bimeye, collecting data and entering all metadata. It turned out that it went much faster. In future projects with the same working methodology, we at Skanska estimate that it will take about 30 hours."

Joakim Larsson Digital Leader Design, Skanska

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