Work efficiently with BIM

Efficiently assembling and communicating data and product information into a common data management solution saves time for consultants and for the project in general. Up-to-date and correct data reduces errors and purchases, while an improved and easier way to check and quality-assured data improves progress.

Bimeye for BIM Managers

Gain full control of the project by setting up required information to be delivered as well as permissions to view and edit that information. Involve the right people in the project, also disciplines not directly designing in the BIM design tools, such as fire safety and procurement. The possibility to export and import data makes it possible to adjust wherever needed and not having to manually input large amounts of data.

Building Owners

Assure that the information you need as an owner, both by the project and in operations and maintenance will be delivered by the project. Track changes to the information and compare versions of models for a good visual insight of the design process. Set your requirements in the project by starting with how the end result should be.


Get the information you need from BIM without having to ask someone for it. Set up parameters needed in production to track progression, scheduling, pricing, and logistics. Track changes between information & geometric deliveries to see the consequences.


With Bimeye you can deliver the information required in a much better way for BIM projects. What you need to deliver is set up in advance and if you are delivering the same item on multiple building elements you can reuse the information, which means that if addition information is required throughout the project you will only have to update it in one place.

Designers & Engineers

Leave the responsibility of adding, managing, and updating specific information to the disciplines who have the responsibility of the delivery, such as automation, fire safety, and procurement. Make data and 3D geometry available for the whole project so that information goes from upon request to a self-served service.

Customer Values & Benefits

"I am very excited about Bimeye. It has made my life so much easier. I know I am working on a secure platform. So when I leave the office at five o’clock, I no longer have to bring home work – AND I sleep well at night, says Martin, smiling."
Martin Elia, Architect, Cedervall

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Asset Management

With Bimeye Asset Management, you and your project team will have a cloud solution giving you several possibilities for collaboration throughout your projects.


Documents, images, and external links can in Bimeye be related to the relevant building elements so that this information becomes available to all in the digital twin.

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Room Management

In Bimeye, we expand the functionality in addition to simple handling of data about room objects with special functions to be able to describe finishes and equipment and data in detail.

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Collaborate with BIM

Bimeye is a cloud service, that gives you and the members in the project easy access through a web interface to the valuable information in the project.

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Calculations and Procurement

A common data environment regularly updated from all project participants ensure less time used on calculation, less erroneous purchasing and acquisitions, and better quality in procurement and tenders.

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Lifecycle BIM

As a process BIM adds value in all phases, operations and maintenance as well. The models create structure and represent the real building or construction as a digital twin of the real world.

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