Room Management

Create and detail rooms, even without models. Reuse data when you start modelling and configurate your own room data sheets with Bimeye.

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Work with rooms in early phases

In Bimeye you can work with rooms in the early phases of a building project, even before you have a model in any of the BIM design tools. Describe the rooms themselves as well as details such as finishes, fixtures, fittings, and equipment that will be needed in each room in the project. Which details that are going to be used for the rooms can vary between them making the descriptions flexible and relevant for each individual or type of room.

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Rooms in Bimeye

Room data sheets can be created from the updated information always available in Bimeye for the individual room or the type of room. These reports can be fully customized, both the formatting and the ability to include the information needed on these data sheets.

One of the major advantages of working with rooms in Bimeye is that when the design process start you can use the same data already available in Bimeye to create rooms in the BIM design tools. This will give the Architect a head start when modeling and the project a high reuse value for creating and detailing these rooms early in the process.