Data Security

Security is top priority for us and is taken care of by state-of-the-art and advanced technical solutions
Backing up data
twice a day
All data traffic in Bimeye is encrypted
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External safety testing is performed regularly
Two-factor authentication for users

We focus on complex solutions, security and redundancy

Since 2001, Tribia has delivered its collaboration solutions to customers with a focus on stability and security.
Great emphasis has thus been placed on safety for the operating environment, which is located in Norway and protected by Norwegian legislation.

Back up

Data stored on Bimeye is backed up twice a day and deleted / changed files are stored for 30 days. The physical operating environment is divided into 2 anonymous data centers and information stored in Tribia's interaction solutions is mirrored in real time for quick recovery in the event of a disaster.

Bimeye's operating environment is protected against both natural disasters and cyber attacks

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Multifactor authentication

Increase login security by using two-factor authentication from Tribia. Two-factor authentication is an additional level of security for login. With two-factor authentication, you log in with something you know (your password) in addition to something you receive (eg a code on the phone). Two-factor authentication makes your account more secure because it prevents others from logging in to your account, even if unauthorized persons know your password.

This works in almost the same way as when you log in to the online bank with BankID, in that you instead use some form of approval or a one-time code you receive using the installed mobile app.

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Username and password

Bimeye has password-protected login for all users. When inviting new users, the correct e-mail address must be added by the Customer's administrator, which becomes the user name of the user. Users who are invited to Bimeye are given the opportunity to choose a password for their user. When choosing a password, there are requirements for the use of lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as the use of numbers and special characters.

Tribia also offers the option of federation against the customer's AD for easy and secure user authentication. Contact one of our sales staff for more information.

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All data that goes over the network to and from our application is encrypted, this includes username and password. None of our servers are exposed on the Internet, which makes access to underlying systems or system users / passwords from outside impossible.

External security testing

Tribia cooperates with an external security company that conducts regular security tests of the system. The tests include both blackbox testing and whitebox testing as well as Red Team exercises. All recommendations from these external tests are followed and implemented so that both the application and the organization at all times satisfy the strictest safety requirements.

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