Use Bimeye to create models that can be used in Facility Management 

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Unstructed information

There is no doubt that there are a lot of information in building and construction projectsA large share of this information is unfortunately unstructured information that will not easily fit as parameters directly on a building element. Documents, images, and external links can in Bimeye be related to the relevant building elements so that this information becomes available to all in the digital twin.  

This means that if you navigate the 3D-model you can select building elements and get relevant information for that element specificallyTo quickly access the information, you can save 3D-views with filters. 

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Easy and efficient linking between documents and right building elements

Documents and other external sources can easily and efficiently be linked to the right building elements if the project utilizes classification and identification systems such as TFM, CoClass or CCS.

Having set up a document management system like Interaxo, where the delivery process of non-BIM information is handled you can export links created on each delivery post and match them against the building elements exported by Bimeye with the common identification system before finally importing the links to the content library

Do you want to know more about the collection of data and documentation for operation and maintenance in our other product Interaxo?

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Customer Values & Benefits

"It’s very important that all parts involved can contribute with the information they have responsibility for. That enriches the content of the models and makes the workflow in the project more efficient. Establishing an interactive database for area management has created new opportunities for this project".
Angie A. Mendez, BIM Manager, A-lab


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