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Features and solutions

Efficient compilation and communication of data and product information into a common data environment solution saves time for consultants and for the project.

Below are all available features and solutions as well as the processes that Bimeye provides support for.



Bimeye is a cloud solution for managing BIM data that makes it easy to collect, share and enrich model information. Click on + to read more about which processes Bimeye supports.

Asset Management

With Bimeye, you and your project team will have a cloud solution that gives you several opportunities for collaboration through your projects.

Get a complete overview of all the project building components and objects in Bimeye, work together to build the descriptive information required in all phases of the project for each discipline and stakeholder. In Bimeye, all BIM categories and object classifications can be managed. The connection to Revit, Archicad or IFC is bidirectional, which means that data can be synchronized from or to the project models.

For each individual or grouped building component, you can create reports with a complete description using parameters and images. For example, Bimeye may report product descriptions, door cards, fixture lists, room descriptions, change and comparison reports, or detailed descriptions of the most recently available information.

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In Bimeye, documents, photos and external links can be related to relevant building components so that this information is available to everyone in the digital twin.

Specific information about a building element can be read out by navigating and marking in the 3D model. Views and filters can be saved, which means that everyone can quickly access relevant information.

Documents and other external sources can be easily and efficiently connected to the right building component if the project uses classification and identification systems such as CoClass or CCS.

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Room management

Create and define rooms even before the models are available. Reuse data when the models and their rooms are available and configure custom room descriptions with Bimeye.

A major advantage is that rooms already described in Bimeye can at a later stage be connected to rooms created in the project models. This gives the designer a head start in the modeling work and the project has the opportunity to process information that can be reused without "duplicate work" being required.

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Collaborate with BIM

Bimeye makes it possible for everyone in the project to work together, ie. both project participants who handle models in different BIM design tools and those who are only responsible for specific information on different objects in the model. The parameter configuration makes it possible to directly enrich the models from Bimeye with information about logistics, fire, acoustics, safety, propulsion, etc.

Coordinate the BIM process by using Bimeye as a common data environment where both internal and external project participants can manage data. All you need is internet access and a web browser.

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Calculation and purchasing

Working with calculation and purchasing requires a high level of quality for the information in the project to be as accurate as possible.

A common data environment that is updated regularly from all project participants leads to less time spent calculating, fewer incorrect purchases and acquisitions and better quality in procurement and tenders.

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Lifecycle BIM - Digital Twin

BIM does not only have to be part of the design and production phase, as the process adds value in all phases, such as operation and maintenance. The models create a structure and represent the real building or construction as a digital twin of the real world.

When changes in operation gradually occur, it is important to have a clear strategy for how these changes are to be handled, regardless of whether it is changes in data or geometric changes in the model. This means that the model should not only represent the stage when production was handed over to management, but the current status of all building components. Bimeye makes BIM available in all phases, which means that what was previously just a snapshot of the model is now updated and available to everyone.

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In Bimeye, you manage your BIM data and ensure quality and efficiency in your construction projects - from idea to handover. Click on + to read more about the features available in Bimeye.

Product and functionality

Bimeye is the only place where you can get a full overview. All information in the project can be handled in a model-centric way. Some directly as parameters with values ​​of the building elements or indirectly as links to related documents.

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Project Dashboard

With Bimeye Project Dashboard you keep track of the project with graphics, measurement values ​​and activity logs. The project control panel displays compiled information about the building components handled in Bimeye.

In addition to the information that can be read regarding synchronizations of models, statistics on model objects and logs of activity, the project's overall metadata is configured here. Via the control panel, users can access and enrich the project with relevant data.

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BIM data and 3D visualization

Get easy access to both data and 3D in BIM
By using Bimeye, the entire project gets access to the right information about relevant building components.

Architects, engineers, contractors, builders, etc. gets direct access to information that usually has to be compiled by "someone" before it can be consumed. The use of Bimeye democratizes all data and streamlines the exchange of information.

With the help of smart functions, such as filtering and grouping, requested information can be found in an easy way. The user also gets access to the geometries of the building components in the connected models.

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Bimeye provides the ability to gather information from several different models and design tools, Autodesk Revit, Graphisoft Archicad and IFC via simplebim. This means that a compilation of all building parts is done in a place where users can consume and process information, even those users who do not work with design tools.


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Manage parameters

Define project parameters, create parameter groups and predefined lists
to enrich the project with information in a simple and effective way.

The project administrator configures parameters and creates the conditions for collecting relevant data for the building components.

These parameters can be used in the design tools, be project-specific or handle processes that are not directly linked to the design, for example different substrates in the production stage or before handover to management.

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Create powerful reports with compiled data directly from Bimeye. The project information can be extracted through project-adapted report templates or in a simple list format

The report templates are created in Microsoft Word and can be designed according to the specific needs of the project. No matter how many building components are in the project models, the reports will always contain all relevant updated information.

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User management

By configuring permissions, the administrator can define what information project participants can view and / or change. In addition, there is the ability to control rights for synchronization of models, which makes it easy to distribute the responsibility for model management. This makes it easy to ensure the correct division of responsibilities in the project.

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Tribia has been delivering collaboration solutions to its customers since 2001, with a focus on stability and security. Extra great emphasis has been placed on a safe operating environment. The physical operating environment is located in Norway and is protected by Norwegian legislation.

  • Data stored in Bimeye is backed up twice a day and deleted / modified files are stored for 20 days.
  • The physical operating environment is divided into two anonymous data centers, and the information stored in Tribia's collaborative solutions is reflected in real time for rapid recovery in the event of a disaster.
  • Bimeye's operating environment is protected against both natural disasters and cyber attacks.
  • It is possible to order two-factor authentication from Tribia to increase login security. This ensures that others can not log in to your account, even if unauthorized people know your password.
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Why you should choose Bimeye

Enrich, share and collaborate

A BIM data management solution that is qualitative and efficient for your construction projects, from idea through the design process, production, handover and to operation.

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Why you should choose Bimeye

It should be easy to manage BIM data

Updated and accurate data reduces errors and purchases, while an improved and simpler way of checking and quality-assured data improves progress.

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