Collaborate with BIM

Collaborate in your BIM projects by using Bimeye. 

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Involve people
Easy access to BIM
Enrich the models

Everyone gets access to both BIM data and 3D in the cloud

Work together as designers and engineers with BIM design tools, but also alongside those who do not work on designing those building elements yet still have a responsibility of delivering some information.

Set up parameters which enriches the models with data such as scheduling, logistics, fire safety, acoustic and much more straight from the common data environment that is within Bimeye.

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Coordinated processing of Asset Data in BIM projects

Coordinate the BIM process by using Bimeye as a common data environment that both internal and external project resources can use to manage data, what to deliver and how.

Collaborate on creating items for efficient data editing to enrich models and the common data environment. You only need access to the internet and a web browser.