Asset Management

With Bimeye you and your project team will have a cloud solution giving you several possibilities for collaboration throughout your projects.

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Information Management
Efficient Asset Management
Quality Assurance

Collaborate with Asset Management

Get full overview of all the project’s assets in Bimeye, collaborate on supplying them with the information required throughout all phases of the project by every discipline and stakeholder. Bimeye handles all BIM categories and components from multiple models synchronized bi-directionally from and to Revit, Archicad or IFC.

As an example, we can look at how to manage doors. In the project there are a lot of different disciplines involved in the process regarding door management. In Bimeye each discipline can manage the information they supply and can ensure the information they need are available.

You can also work efficiently and increase the quality by using items and apply these to different objects so you only have to update the information in one place for the item and all objects that have the item applied will be automatically be updated as well.

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Save valuable time and work in the cloud

For each individual or grouped asset you can create reports with details such as parameters from the model and images making schedules, fitting lists, change or comparison reports, or detailed descriptions with the latest updated information available. This is something that every project participant can do with Bimeye – need an updated revision to a door schedule? No problem, just select the schedule template and export it yourself.

Bimeye makes it possible to gather and collect information in order to apply it on the project’s various elements outside of the models and design tools. This means that it is possible for everybody in the project to contribute information and data to the model file without even having access to the file or installing any design tool software.

Customer Values & Benefits

"It’s very important that all parts involved can contribute with the information they have responsibility for. That enriches the content of the models and makes the workflow in the project more efficient. Establishing an interactive database for area management has created new opportunities for this project".
Angie A. Mendez, BIM Manager, A-lab


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