One solution for all your project data


BIM-collaboration enables all participants to collaborate, share and communicate project data (including BIM data) through all phases of the project where all information is updated and available in the cloud.

The solution that supports
all phases of your project

From room and requirements specification in transparent and visually presented processes, to joint design meetings. As well as mobile field tools on the construction site with HSE and 3D inspection, audit management of drawings and models in transparent visual logged work processes.

Together they form BIM-collaboration

Our three solutions Interaxo, Unizite and Bimeye constitutes what we call BIM-collaboration.
With our solutions, you get full control over documents, geometry and all your BIM data from idea and design to management.
Now all project participants can collaborate, share and communicate project information and get information that is updated and available in the cloud.


BIM-collaboration and Project Information Model (PIM)

In order to effectively manage assets from a life cycle perspective, regardless of whether the information was created historically or with BIM support, a common master data source (CDE platform, Common Data Environment - Tribia's BIM-collaboration solution) is required, where information from both project and management stages can checked in and out.

By the construction project establishing a common CDE platform already in the concept phase, the conditions are created for an unbroken information chain, from early stages to operation and management, what we call life cycle management of information. It is about making demands on, collecting, quality-assuring, structuring and making the information available so that it can finally be handed over and made available in a cohesive form for the building's ongoing management processes.

A platform for collecting, structuring and arranging information

The international standard ISO 19650 describes a client's need for a CDE platform (common data environment) which consists of two main parts to be able to receive information. Some are about collecting and structuring the information in a construction or digitization project in a database. This is what we call the project information model (PIM) and is solved with Tribia's BIM collaboration solution.

The second part is a property and installation database, Assets Information Model (AIM for management), where all data and geometries for a property owner's entire stock are stored (Read more at our sister company SWG). The property and installation database can be supplemented with data from both construction and digitization projects, as well as from existing data in the FM system.

Read more about how you can manage assets from a life cycle perspective (Building Lifecycle Management)

Digitize the entire project life cycle

By digitizing the project's entire life cycle, it adds value from the idea to the design work and on to management.

A major challenge for the construction industry is that these models contain millions of geometric objects. These should be maintained with current information, associated documents and data.



Powerful solutions for your project

Tribia offers several solutions for your project such as project platforms, mobile field tools, model visualization and management of BIM data.

Alone, they are powerful solutions for your project, but together they give you full control over the project's documents, geometry and all BIM data. Each solution meets different needs and has already created value for thousands of construction projects.

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