BIM Collaboration
- one solution for all your project data! 

We allow all stakeholders to collaborate, share and communicate their project data (including BIM data) through all the phases in a project – always up to date and available in the cloud.

From rooms, requirements and specification to digital post-it notes for your next joint project meeting. Mobile site tools with HSE and 3D inspection to audit management of drawings and models in transparent visual and traceable work processes.


Document management, approval processes, auditing and communication



Site tool for reports, site inspections, quality management, HSE and registration of technical deviations and follow-ups.


Update your model and we extract data and make it available in the cloud for all the members of the project group

Digitice projects throughout
the supply chain.

By digitising projects throughout the supply chain and adding data, you add value to the entire supply chain – from the idea and construction phase all the way to maintenance.

A major challenge for the construction business is that these models contain millions of geometric objects. These must be maintained with up-to-date information, relevant documents and data.


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Powerful tools for your project

Tribia offers several products for your project, such as a project hotel, mobile site tool, model visualisation and BIM data.

On their own, these are powerful tools for your project, but together they provide full control of the project documents, geometry and all your BIM data. Each product addresses different needs and has already created value in thousands of different construction projects.


Document management, approval processes, revision and communication

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Site tool for reports and inspections, quality control, HSE, registration and follow-up of technical nonconformities.


Take control of the model and your BIM-data. Bimeye extracts data to and from the model and makes it available in the cloud for everyone in the project. The model is visual and gives access to BIM-data without the use of design tools.

BIM Collab

Our mission

To deliver a BIM Collaboration solution in which project members can communicate and collect building information in a secure and protected environment. All information is stored on one platform through all the phases of the project.

We are digitising and improving your construction project!